Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Detroit Water Board Declares 13 Bidders Non-Responsible, Suspends them from Bidding DWSD Work for 3 Years (UPDATED)

Earlier this afternoon, the City of Detroit, Board of Water Commissioners conducted a Special Meeting  and adopted a resolution declaring 14 13* contractors to be non-responsible bidders and suspended them from bidding DWSD work for a period of 3 years. 

The contractors suspended from bidding on DWSD contracts until December 31, 2014 are among the contractors cited in the federal indictments unsealed last December against disgraced-former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, his father, Bernard Kilpatrick, contractor Bobby Ferguson, and former DWSD Director Victor Mercado.  

The contractors affected by the Water Board's action today include the following: 
  • A&F Environmental
  • A&H Contracting, Inc.
  • D'Agostini & Sons, Inc. 
  • *
  • DLZ Laboratories, Inc.
  • E&T Trucking
  • Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.
  • Inland Waters Pollution Control, Inc.
  • Inland Management and Inland Rehabilitation Pipe Co.
  • Johnson Construction Services a/k/a Johnson Consulting Services
  • Lakeshore Engineering Services, Inc.
  • Maestro Associates, LLC
  • Walbridge Aldinger Company, Inc.
  • Xcel Construction Services, Inc.
The Water Board included the following administrative appeal procedures as part of its resolution:
The Board shall reconsider the parties and suspension period upon receiving additional information from the U.S. Attorney's office. A company may appeal the application of this policy to an ad hoc committee of the BOWC, appointed by the Chair, which shall receive evidence and information and report to the entire Board. The suspension can only be modified by motion of the Board. 
Following adoption of the suspension resolution, the Board proceeded to approve a $13,117,000 contract for the Rouge River Outfall No. (RRO-2), Contract PC-786, with the third bidder, Walsh Construction, bypassing Walbridge Aldinger, who was second in line for the contract after the low bidder, Lakeshore Engineering, retracted their low bid.

Comment: The Water Board's actions today have enormous implications for the affected companies, many of which perform federal contracts, and a huge impact on the local contracting community.  The Board's actions, which the Chair reported were supported by Oakland, Macomb and Wayne Counties, will be felt well beyond DWSD. Two of the named contractors are among teams who proposed on the bio-solids contract (PC-781). If their suspensions are upheld, it would surely jeopardize their proposals.

Update (12/22): Crain's Detroit Business has an article (here), which quotes several of the Water Board Commissioners and adds further insight into the reasons for yesterday's suspension resolution.  

Update (12/23): DWSD Update confirmed earlier this morning that D'Alessandro Contracting Group was NOT among the contractors included in the final suspension resolution adopted by the Board of Water Commissioners on Wednesday. They were included in the proposed resolution, outlined in the Board Agenda, but NOT included in the actual resolution, as read into the record by Commissioner Fred Barnes, and NOT included in the final vote. To be clear: D'Alessandro Contracting Group has NOT been suspended nor barred from receiving DWSD contracts.  

For more about DWSD Update, click here.

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