Thursday, December 1, 2011

Detroit Water Board Votes to Hire Ridgway to Advise on Technical Matters (UPDATED)

Update (1/11): At the Special Meeting on January 11, 2012, Commissioner Mary Blackmon, reported that Jim Ridgway had declined the contract offered by the Water Board. It appears that the Board will consider another candidate for this position.   

The Board of Water Commissioners voted yesterday to approve the hiring of Jim Ridgway as Technical Advisor to the Water Board.

Mr. Ridgway has a B.S. in Environmental Engineering and a M.S. in Civil Engineering, both from the University of Michigan. Mr. Ridgway also has prior DWSD experience. He served as Assistant Director of Wastewater Operations for 5 years during the mid-1980s. Click here for his LinkedIn profile. 

Mr. Ridgway joins Butler Benton, who has been hired as the financial advisor to the Board of Water Commissioners.  Messrs. Ridgway and Benton will assist the Board in reviewing rate setting, capital projects and other financial and operational matters. 

Staff positions were created under the February 11, 2011 Order, and formalized under Article VII of the Board's Amended By-Laws. A third staff position, not yet filled, will advise the Board on legal matters.

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