Friday, December 23, 2011

CORRECTION to List of Suspended Contractors

DWSD Update confirmed earlier this morning that one of the contractors we originally included in the list of contractors affected by the Water Board's December 21, 2011  suspension resolution -- D'Alessandro Contracting Group -- was NOT included in the final resolution that was voted upon by the Water Board.  D'Alessandro Contracting Group is NOT suspended  and NOT barred from being awarded contracts with the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department. Crain's Detroit Business has also noted this correction (here).

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John McGrail said...

Many years ago a department deputy director was approached by an extortionist contractor who asserted that for future consideration it would keep private a recording of a departmnent employee solicting a bribe from the same contractor. The deputy diretor went straight to the FBI and prosecutions began. What the debarred contractors did not do is report the Kilpatrick Enterprize extortion to the FBI when it occurred and instead received valuable long term financial consideration in exchange for going along and getting along. These contractors were hardly victims but rather aiders and abettors. What the Board did was righteous. Stick around,the fallout has only just begun. Perhaps we will see professional engineers stripped of the licenses to practice,lawyers disbarred and individual department executives sued for failure to meet their fiduciary duty to the customers