Wednesday, July 28, 2010

DWSD Pricey Land Acquisition is Old News

Recent reports (here and here) that DWSD paid more than $5 million an acre to acquire a 3.27 acre parcel of property along the Detroit River are old news.

With all due respect to suburban officials quoted by the Detroit Free Press, this land deal occurred 2 years ago. There's no doubt that DWSD paid too much for this property,  but both Oakland and Macomb County are represented on the Board of Water Commissioners.

On June 18, 2008, the Detroit Board of Water Commissioners approved the acquisition of the 3.27 acre parcel of land, known as the Atwater West Parcel, for $17,715,708.46, or more than $5.4 million per acre.

At the same meeting, the Board of Water Commissioners also approved the acquisition of a 28.665 acre parcel of property, known as “Revere Copper & Brass,” at 5601, 5815, and 5851 W. Jefferson Ave. for $5,000,000, or about $175,000 per acre.   

The resolutions to acquire these parcels of property, both slated for future CSO control facilities, were originally tabled, but then brought back on for reconsideration. And then they were both approved. All in the same meeting.

Commissioners at the June 18, 2008 Water Board Meeting raised concerns about the high cost of the Atwater property, more than $5.4 million per acre, but the purchase was eventually approved. This Board Meeting was also Director Victor Mercado’s last meeting before he resigned his position with the Department.  

Update: On August 17, 2010, the Detroit Free Press published a story (here) about the 28 acre Revere Copper property acquisition.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

DWSD Design and Construction Contracts, List of Q3 (2010) Projects

DWSD has updated its list of Proposed Construction and Consultant Contracts for Q3 2010 here. Three of the projects listed are carry-overs from 2009; DWSD has included 10 construction projects, 7 of which are in the $5 million range.

The construction projects planned include:
  • Consolidated Process Control System Upgrades for Treated Water System (PC-773A) (D/B)
  • Consolidated Process Control System Upgrades for Treated Water System (PC-773B) (D/B)
  • Springwells Water Treatment Plant 1958 Filter Rehabilitation and Auxiliary Facilities Improvement Project (SP-563) 
  • Springwells Water Treatment Plant Discharge Header Pipe System Replacement (SP-567) (Repeat)
  • Southwest Water Treatment Plant Rehabilitation of the Venturi Meters and Vaults (SW-551)
  • Water System Improvements; Various Streets Throughout the City of Detroit (WS-648A) (Repeat)
  • Parallel 42-Inch Water Main in 24 Mile Road, from Foss Road to Fairchild Road (WS-674) (Repeat)
  • Water System Improvements; Various Streets Throughout the City (WS-680)
  • Water Works Park Yard Piping Replacement (WW-536) 
  • Specialized Process and Facilities Equipment Purchase Installation at Water Works Park (WW-537)