Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mayor Bing Announces Choice for New DWSD Director

Sue McCormick was introduced to the Detroit Board of Water Commissioners on November 9, 2011 as Mayor Bing's choice for the new Director of the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department.

Ms. McCormick, who currently serves as the Administrator of Public Services for the City of Ann Arbor was introduced by Chris Brown, Mayor Bing's COO, to members of the Water Board who were participating in a workshop meeting. The Board must vote to approve her selection at its next scheduled meeting on November 16, 2011. If approved, Ms. McCormick would start January 1, 2012.  

Update (11/11): The next Water Board meeting is November 30, not the 16th as originally reported. Click here for the Board calendar.  Also, has a story (here) detailing Ms. McCormick's responsibilities with the City of Ann Arbor. 

Update (11/14): The Water Board will be holding a Special Meeting on November 16, 2011 to consider and vote on Sue McCormick for Director. 

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