Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lakeshore Engineering Asks to Retract Bid on Rouge River Outfall Project, PC-786

Lakeshore Engineering has asked the City of Detroit for permission to retract its bid on the Rouge River Outfall Project (DWSD Contract PC-786), which was submitted last week. Lakeshore was read the low bidder on this project (here) at $11,855,749.

In a November 17, 2011 letter to the Purchasing Division, Lakeshore explained that one of its employees had retrieved the bid after it was submitted, but before the filing deadline, to make corrections. Lakeshore reports that it resubmitted the corrected bid before 2:00 p.m., but that its actions had raised concerns among the other bidders. To avoid a dispute, Lakeshore explained, it was asking to withdraw its bid.

Assuming the City of Detroit grants Lakeshore Engineering's request, Walbridge Aldinger stands to get the contract as the second low bidder at $12,970,000. 

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