Thursday, July 5, 2012

Detroit Water Board Approves Updated Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

At its regular June 27, 2012 meeting, the City of Detroit, Board of Water Commissioners approved a $1.49 billion Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for 2013-2017. This is a 15% increase in planned spending over the $1.3 billion approved by the Water Board last year.

Included in the 2013-2017 CIP is $789.4 million for new construction and improvements to DWSD's water and wastewater facilities; $700.8 million is for projects that are active or under procurement.

Of the new construction funding, $280.5 million is designated for water projects (down from $422.5 million last year), and $508.9 million is designated for wastewater projects (up from $317.9 million last year).

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