Monday, July 11, 2011

Former DWSD Director Files Federal Lawsuit, Alleges Discrimination in Pay

Former DWSD Director Pamela Turner last Friday filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court alleging 2 counts of sex discrimination against the City of Detroit.  Ms. Turner seeks unspecified money damages.

Ms. Turner, who was appointed Interim Director in September, 2008 and reportedly retired in May, 2010, alleges that her immediate (male) predecessors, Victor Mercado and Anthony Adams were paid an average $240,000 per year, while she was paid only $130,000.  Ms. Turner won praise, but apparently only a modest pay increase (to $155,000) during her tenure as Director. Ms. Turner's lawsuit alleges that her departure in 2010 was by way of resignation, not retirement as the press reported at the time.

DWSD has been seeking Ms. Turner's replacement for more than a year. In March, Detroit City Council approved Mayor Bing's request to increase the money that could be offered to potential Directors to $256,000.

2011-07-08.Pamela Turner v City of Detroit - Lawsuit

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