Thursday, May 27, 2010

DWSD Director's Retirement Confirmed

More than a month after reports first surfaced that DWSD Director Pamela Turner was going to retire, Crain's Detroit Business reports today that it has confirmed Ms. Turner's retirement from the federal judge who oversees the Detroit and Sewerage Department, Judge John Feikens. 
Ms. Turner began her career with DWSD in 1977. She was promoted Interim Director in September, 2008 By Mayor Cockrel and later to Director a year later by Mayor Bing
Ms. Turner's retirement comes at time when DWSD revenues are falling due to lower water consumption and Detroit's shrinking population.  In addition, DWSD is expecting to lose many of its engineering and middle management staff over the next couple of years.  The next director will face many challenges, plus an ever aging physical infrastructure.  

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