Thursday, December 17, 2009

Detroit Water Board Approves Sewer Repair Contracts to Inland Waters, Rejecting Lakeshore Engineering Protest

On December 16, 2009, the Board of Water Commissioners narrowly approved two sewer repair contracts, worth upwards of $80 million, to Inland Waters Pollution Control, Inc

Lakeshore Engineering, the second bidder, protested the award to Inland Waters. Anthony Adams, former Deputy Mayor and Interim Director of DWSD, spoke on behalf of Lakeshore Engineering during the public comment session. 

Despite concerns about awarding both contracts to one contractor, the Board later approved  the award of both contracts (DWS-876 and DWS-877) to Inland Waters. The votes were 6-1 and 4-3 respectively. Each contract was approved at a cost not-to-exceed of $40 million.  Both contracts must still be approved by the Detroit City Council.

These two contracts replace earlier sewer repair contracts that had been held by Inland Waters and Lakeshore Engineering.  

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