Thursday, February 26, 2009

Upper Rouge CSO (North) Tunnel, Bids Canceled

The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) has canceled plans to bid the Upper Rouge CSO (North) Tunnel (PC-763). Addendum No. 5, dated February 23, 2009, but received yesterday by plan holders, advised bidders that DWSD was not going to be taking bids on the project at this time. There was no official explanation offered by DWSD for cancellation of the North Tunnel.

Work will continue, however, on the Upper Rouge CSO (South) Tunnel (PC-764), which was awarded to Kenny/Obayashi, JV in September (reported here).

The Upper Rouge CSO Tunnel project is a requirement of the Department's NPDES Permit, and is subject the Second Amended Consent Decree in the EPA Litigation.

[Update: On March 18, 2009, McGraw Hill Dodge Reports indicated that this project was on hold until 2014. ]

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