Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mayor Pledges Overhaul of City, DWSD Contracting Practices

During his State of the City address last night, Detroit Mayor Ken Cockrel, Jr. announced a new initiative aimed at reforming the City’s contracting practices. As reported by the Detroit Free Press (here) –

“In Cockrel’s first State of the City speech -- given two weeks before the mayoral primary election in which he is a candidate -- he said he will assign Deputy Mayor Saul Green and others to research a method of ensuring that vendors win contracts on their merits.”
“They should not get contracts because of who they know or who they're related to, and they should not be rewarded for political donations or favors,” Cockrel said, generating applause.. “As long as I'm mayor, pay-to-play is history in the City of Detroit.”
Mayor Cockrel indicated that contracting reforms would begin with the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department.

[Note: I’ll provide more information on this subject when it becomes available.]

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