Monday, October 19, 2015

Sue McCormick Selected to Lead Great Lakes Water Authority

The Board of Directors of the Great Lakes Water Authority voted 5-1 this afternoon for Sue McCormick to serve as the Authority's first CEO.  Ms. McCormick currently serves as the Interim-CEO. She most recently served as Director of DWSD from January, 2012 until two weeks ago when Gary Brown was selected to replace her. 

The only opposition to Ms. McCormick among the Board members was from Robert Daddow, who is the Oakland County representative on the GLWA. Mr. Daddow favored Randy Moore, an executive from American Water. Under the GLWA By-Laws, a minimum of 5 affirmative votes was required to approve the resolution approving Ms. McCormick's selection. The Board still must approve an employment agreement with Ms. McCormick.

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