Friday, October 10, 2014

Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb Counties Approve New Regional Water Authority (UDPATED)

On  October 9, 2014, Macomb County joined Wayne and Oakland Counties in approving plans to join the new Great Lakes Water Authority, which will lease DWSD's water and sewerage assets for 40 years.

Update (10/16): Oakland County has appointed Robert Daddow, deputy county executive, to serve on the Board for the new Great Lakes Water Authority.  Daddow is quoted by the Detroit News
"I'll have two measuring sticks while serving on the board," Daddow said. "One will determine whether a matter before the board helps or harms ratepayers. The other will ascertain whether it makes monetary sense."
Update: (10/21): Macomb County has appointed Brian Baker, finance and budget director for the City of Sterling Heights, to serve as its representative on the new Authority. 

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