Monday, February 18, 2013

Rep. Kurt Heise Introduces (Second) Bill to Create a Regional Water Authority (UPDATED)

On January 22, 2013, Rep. Kurt Heise (R. Plymouth) introduced H.B. 4009, a bill that would incorporate the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department into a regional water and sewer authority. Rep. Heise campaigned in 2010 on a similar plan, and introduced a similar bill in January, 2011 [H.B. 4112] shortly after his first election to the Michigan House of Representatives.

Rep. Kurt Heise (R. Plymouth)
Under Section 4 of the current proposed legislation, H.B. 4009, a new regional water and sewer authority would be incorporated and be governed by a board of directors whose members would be the chief executive officers from each county, city, village and township located in the service area of the regional system.  Board members would then select 5 members to serve a single, 2-year term on the executive committee.  The executive committee would have powers similar to the current Board of Water Commissioners. 

DWSD currently provides water service to 126 communities; 76 communities are served by DWSD's wastewater treatment facilities.  Source: DWSD Factsheet.

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Update (3/4): Rep. Heise's legislation is featured in the March, 2013 issue of American Water Intelligence (here), in which he describes his legislation as a "firewall against the current state of affairs. If Judge Cox cannot or will not make this happen, then my bill is ready to go."    


Pete Moss said...

So I guess the suburbs wanting to take control of Detroit's water department wasn't just a paranoid delusion after all.

Richard Mulligan said...

Maybe the 75% of DWSD customers that live outside of Detroit just want to make sure that the water keeps flowing and remains safe and secure. Given its history of fraud, corruption and mismanagement it only seems prudent to try to keep it out of the slimy hands of some future Kwame. Dave Bing won't be around forever.

Pete Moss said...

Political corruption and greed doesn't end at Detroit borders.