Monday, January 14, 2013

Karegnondi Water Authority Inches Closer to the Start of New Pipeline Project (UPDATED)

The nascent Karegnondi Water Authority (KWA) cleared another hurdle last week when the Army Corps of Engineers issued the final permit required for construction of the 1.5 mile intake from Lake Huron. Genesee County Drain Commissioner said a construction contract could be signed for the work at the end of February, 2013. The first phase of construction is expected to cost $35 million.  

At last check, DWSD was still negotiating with the City of Flint to sign a new long-term water supply contract. Flint is considered an integral part of any new pipeline built by the KWA.  

DWSD Update has followed the development of the Karegnondi Water Authority since 2009. For prior stories about the KWA, click here.

Update (1/17): The Davison Index reports here that construction on the KWA pipeline could begin by Spring, 2013.   

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