Friday, December 14, 2012

Motor City Electric Submits Low Bid on Fire Protection System Upgrade, Contract PC-782

Motor City Electric submitted the low bid on December 12, 2012 for the project known as "Plant-Wide Fire Alarm and Fire Protection System Upgrade and Integration," DWSD Contract No. PC-782. 

There were three bidders on this project. Here are the as-read bids:
  1. Motor City Electric . . . . .  $5,749,000
  2. Shaw Electric . . . . . . . . . . $5,942,725
  3. Bayview Electric . . . . . . .  $7,290,319

The work under Contract PC-782 contract includes:
  • Supply and install new fire alarm systems (FAS) and upgrade the existing FAS for numerous buildings at the Detroit Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), the Detroit Marine Terminal (DMT) site and the Water Board Building (WBB).
  • Replace all existing, non-functional FAS devices to ensure a fully functional FAS.
  • Integrate the new and existing FAS of all relevant buildings and bring all points to two central on-site locations at the Detroit WWTP and one off-site location at the WBB.
Click here for a copy of the Bid Notice. 

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John McGrail said...

Hooray for MCE a fine local firm systematically excluded from DWSD work by the "gang of four" Kilpatrick,Kilpatrick,Mercado and ferguson.

Firepro Nevada said...
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