Thursday, October 18, 2012

DWSD Extends Deadline for Submitting Biosolids Proposals to January 23, 2013 (UPDATED)

The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) earlier this week extended to November 29, 2012 January 23, 2013* the due date for design-build, operate and maintain proposals for Contract PC-792, "Biosolids Dryer Facility." 

DWSD is now seeking proposals for a single, 20 year O&M contract, rather than a 5 year agreement, with a series of 5 year options.  The capacity of the new sludge drying facility is also being reduced slightly to 220 dry tons per day, from 250 tons. These changes are outlined in Addendum 1. 

According to the RFP, as amended:

The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) is seeking a qualified firm to provide design-build-operate-maintain services under a negotiated, fixed‑price contract to provide all design, obtain all necessary permits, furnish all materials and equipment, perform any required demolition, removal or relocation, construct, start-up, and test a biosolids dryer facility with a firm capacity of 250 220 dry tons per day, as well as providing new and/or modified sludge cake conveying capabilities. 

The PC-792 Contractor will also be responsible to operate and maintain the new dryer facility and to load, haul and sell or otherwise beneficially reuse and/or dispose of all biosolids and residuals transferred to the dryer facility for a period of up to twenty (20) years after Substantial Completion consisting of an initial five (5) year operation and maintenance (O&M) period and up to three (3) succeeding five (5) year O&M periods, that may be exercised in the sole discretion of DWSD unless terminated in accordance with the Contract provisions.

Update (11/12): The response deadline for this Biosolids RFP has been extended to January 23, 2013, per Addendum No. 4

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