Tuesday, August 21, 2012

DeMaria Submits Low Bid on New Maintenance Contract, PC-790 (UPDATED)

DeMaria Building Co. submitted the low bid earlier this afternoon on DWSD’s new maintenance contract, also known as Contract PC-790, “Equipment Purchase and Installation on an As-Needed Basis.”  

  1. DeMaria Building Co. . . .$20,457,244
  2. Weiss Construction . . . . .$22,601,269
  3. Motor City Electric . . . . . $23,691,917
  4. Walsh Construction . . . . $26,366,000
  5. Barton Malow . . . . . . . . . $26,991,000
  6. Titus Welding Co. . . . . . .$30,840,467  
The scope of Contract PC-790 includes furnishing the skilled labor, working foremen and overall supervision required to complete major and minor skilled trades maintenance projects as well as specialized subcontract maintenance services on an as-required basis at the Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations, Group Facilities, CSO Facilities, Wastewater Treatment Plant, Industrial Waste Control Facilities, and all other DWSD facilities related directly or indirectly to the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Update (9/26): The Board of Water Commissioners today approved a contract with DeMaria Building Co. in the as-bid amount of $20,457,244 for a duration of 1,095 calendar days. Comments made by Commissioner Fred Barnes during the Board Meeting suggest this may be the last time DWSD procures maintenance services in this manner. He referred to the maintenance contract as a "dinosaur" which "hopes will go extinct." 

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