Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lakeshore Engineering Submits Low Bid on City of Ann Arbor WWTP Project (UPDATED)

Last Wednesday, January 11, 2012, Lakeshore Engineering Services submitted the low bid to the City of Ann Arbor for a project known as “WWTP Facilities (Renovations) Phase II.”
  1. Lakeshore Engineering - - - $83,302,048
  2. Granger Construction - - - - $89,990,000
  3. Walsh Construction - - - - - $92,929,000*
  4. Walbridge Aldinger - - - - - -$95,380,441
  5. Colasanti Construction - - - $99,990,000
  6. Barton Malow - - - - - - - -  $102,884,000
Renovations to the Ann Arbor WWTP include demolition and reconstruction of the existing West Plant structures and facilities and the rehabilitation of the East Plant.

Construction includes, but is not limited to: primary clarifiers, primary building, aeration tanks, blower building, central electrical building, ferric buildings, secondary clarifiers, new administration building, renovation of existing maintenance building, environmental abatement, new storm water system, removal of the existing 4800 V electrical distribution system and replacement with a new 13.2 KV electrical distribution system, and the rehabilitation of the east primary clarifiers, east aeration tanks, east blower building (including new blowers) and east secondary clarifiers.

Work also includes depressurizing an artesian groundwater condition, groundwater dewatering, geotechnical instrumentation, construction sequencing, earth retention systems, concrete pier foundations, concrete and gate repairs, earthen embankment improvements, and utility relocation and replacement.

(Comment: We're taking a slight detour by reporting on this project, but the Ann Arbor WWTP is a significant project and most of the bidders are regulars on DWSD projects. The Project is scheduled to take 5 years to complete. Sharp-eyed observers will also note the photo used in the title block for DWSD Update is in fact a photo of the Ann Arbor WWTP. (Hat-tip: NS) I tried using several photos of DWSD's wastewater treatment plant, but all of them ended up obscuring the title text. So, I confess to taking a bit of editorial license. If you have a good photo from 9300 W. Jefferson, please send it along and I'll give it another try.)

Additional Information:
*Update (2/6): is reporting (here) that WWTP Staff and the City's Consulting Engineer, Malcolm Pirnie, will recommend tonight to the City Council that Walsh Construction be awarded the contract for this project for $92,929,000. A copy of the Resolution is here

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John McGrail said...

I do not envy a low bidder that is $6.7 million low.