Thursday, September 8, 2011

DWSD Belt Filter Press Replacement Project (PC-787), Bidding October 20th

Earlier today, DWSD issued an Invitation for Bids for Contract PC-787, Replacement of Belt Filter Presses for Complex I and Upper Level Complex II.

This is a 5 year contract, which will involve replacing 22 belt filter presses at the Detroit Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), including related belt conveyors, new screw conveyors, polymer feed systems, and related electrical and instrumentation controls.

DWSD has projected the cost of this project in its latest CIP at $37 million.

Update (10/11): DWSD has reportedly issued another Bulletin, although not yet posted, which puts the bid opening date back to October 20th.
Update (9/29): Per Bulletin 1, the Bid Date for this project has been moved up a week to October 13, 2011 from October 20th

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RTB said...

If this contract is completed, the equipment will experience premature failure just as the dewatering equipment installed under PC-744.
DWSD's operation and maintenance performance is very low.