Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Should Federal Oversight of DWSD End?

A recent Detroit News Editorial (here) urges an end to 33 years of oversight of the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department by the U.S. District Court: 
While the Detroit mayor and council are understandably reluctant to cede any control of the system and justifiably note that the city put a lot of money into water and sewerage infrastructure over the decades, there may be room for some discussions to give suburbs more input to defuse regional tensions. But any changes ought to come about as a result of regional negotiations, not because of a federal court order or legislation from Lansing. Federal courts are not designed to manage municipal water systems indefinitely.
What do you think?

For more about DWSD Update, click here.


Marcus said...

Does anyone have the actual contract language? I think it would help the discussion if we could actually talk about it in detail.

Peter J. Cavanaugh said...

Here's a link to the Agreement reached between Mayor Bing and the Suburbs -