Monday, January 31, 2011

Governor Snyder Urges Private Dialogue on Water Issues

As reported by earlier today - 

"Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder on Monday refused to take sides in the ongoing dispute over the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department, but he did indirectly criticize both city and suburban leaders for fighting the battle in the media rather than behind closed doors.
"Appearing on WJR-AM 760 moments after Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh and Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner John McCulloch made arguments against and for regionalization of the water department, Snyder told host Paul W. Smith he was disappointed by recent developments.
"I would rather have quiet discussions with people asking them to sit down and talk about the facts," Snyder said.  "Because there are many things that should be resolved before it gets to the point it is already.  It's unfortunate it has become a divisive issue at this time given all of the discussions going on.  It would be better if people said it doesn't have to happen on the radio station."
Governor Snyder was responding to recent legislation that would create a regional water authority (See, H.B. 4112 introduced by Rep. Kurt Heise on January 20th), and Oakland County's January 26th request that a federal judge impose an interim regional board through judicial decree. 

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