Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cheboygan Drain Commissioner May Fight Genesee County Water Withdrawal Request

The Detroit News reports that the Cheboygan County Drain Commissioner, Daniel Lennox, has threatened a lawsuit in response to Genesee County's petition with the MDEQ to withdraw up to 85 million gallons a day from Lake Huron.

The News does not report the legal basis for the threatened lawsuit.

Maybe the Cheboygan County Drain Commissioner, who writes the blog -- "Fire Dennis Lennox" -- has too much time on his hands and should be looking for something else to do.

[Update: A June 11, 2009 editorial in the Flint Journal calls Daniel Lennox's threatened lawsuit "absurd".
"Lennox's wild-eyed claims either demonstrate a fundamental misunderstanding of the [Great Lakes Compact], or, as Genesee County Drain Commissioner Jeff Wright said on Monday, the lawsuit threat is political grandstanding."

If Cheboygan County makes good on its threat, we'll post a story on the factual and legal basis of the lawsuit. ]

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